10 Ways to Love the Earth

10 Ways to Love the Earth

February is commonly known as the month of love; a month to celebrate romance and promote love even more than we naturally do. Although love should be all year round, it can be nice to make things a little extra special every once in a while.

Here we've made a quick list of ways we can show our love to our planet all year round! National Zero Waste Month has ended but we hope you continue practicing the lifestyle, and these are some ways to do it.

Create a Wish List

Gifts are common for special occasions such as Valentine's Day. It would be helpful to create wish lists and share it among our closest friends and family so that we don't end up spending money on things that aren't useful or meaningful. In the end, we, as the givers, spend our money more wisely, the gift is more thoughtful and significant, AND we avoid generating unnecessary waste!

Be Mindful of Packaging and Wrapping

There are plenty of cute eco-friendly ways to wrap gifts such as using cloth, kraft paper, and paper bags! Give these alternatives a try this Valentine's Day!

Go Paperless

Choose to opt for online bank statements, digital receipts, electronic communication, e-signatures, and digital calling cards! It is more convenient and it means there is less waste for you to get rid of, it's also good for the trees and conserves energy.

Refuse Single-use Plastics

Turn to reusable alternatives and refuse single-use items! This shift is not a quick process so don't frustrate yourself; just remember to always be mindful and to try your best to develop good habits such as carrying your own reusable jug and reusable utensils. Say no to plastic utensils and plastic-packaged condiments (especially when they are often not used or needed) when ordering food deliveries, too!

There are still instances when we ask restaurants and food places not to include utensils and condiments, but the instruction is not followed. Don't be disheartened! Staff might still be adjusting to these no-plastic options and at times not realize having included utensils.

Just keep asking for no plastics, and properly segregate the trash at home (or repurpose!) if you still end up with these plastics.

Repurpose old items

When items have gone past their shelf lives or they are no longer useful to you, there will surely be ways they can be reused! You can read through some DIY tips and tutorials, or you can bring your waste to certain organizations and businesses that repurpose waste.

Save water

Turn off the tap while you're brushing your teeth and try to lessen your shower time in order to save water. Observe a routinely check for water leaks as it can greatly affect your water bill and waste resources. You can also read about greywater (wastewater from non-toilet plumbing fixtures such as showers, basins, and taps) and its uses here.

Compost your food waste

Don't waste your food waste! Instead of throwing away food waste from leftovers and food preparations, why not compost them? Let's divert food waste away from the landfills; let's make the change from landfillers to LAND HEALERS!

There are plenty of methods of composting and choosing it is all up to personal preference. GreenSpace advocates the Bokashi Composting method which you can learn more about here.

Start planting

Start your own garden if you have the space (or take the time to make space)! You can make your own produce to eat, lessening the amount of food you have to purchase outside. You can also join tree-planting activities.

When you've already been planting, it's a good idea to compost your food waste because it can help make your soil healthier! Otherwise, if you're already composting, start planting to make use of the compost you're making!

Maybe get a Growkit and grow your own small plant right in your home!

Support our local farmers through Good Food Community and start a community garden with Urban Green Communes!

Appreciate your surroundings

In our current quarantine situation, it's not so easy to step outside into nature. But when the opportunity arises, take a look outside your window and watch the sun set or rise, step outside your front door and feel the light winds, watch the clouds float by. The Earth has so much beauty to offer!

Be kind to yourself

Being kind to oneself encourages kindness towards others and to the Earth. When you fill yourself with so much kindness, it overflows towards our environment.

Spread the love and encourage love not just this Valentine's Day but every single day we wake!

How do YOU show your love to Mother Earth?

Photos by Noah Buscher and Markus Spiske

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