The GreenSpace Composting Buckets

The GreenSpace Composting Buckets

Bokashi Composting makes use of a process called anaerobic fermentation. Anaerobic means "occurring in the absence of free oxygen or air." To accomplish this, our composting buckets are made to be air-tight yet easy to open!

Our buckets are developed by Sentinel Upcycling Technologies.

The easy-open, air-tight lids are made from 100% upcycled plastics to prevent these plastic bags from ending up in landfills and the ocean! These plastics don't disintegrate into microplastics when exposed to the environment. Aside from the eco-friendliness of upcycling these plastic bags, the flexible nature of this source material allows for ease of handling when it's time to add food waste into your bucket.

Along with the bucket, we have a green strainer that is made from PPHS or corrugated plastic—a perfect blend of rigidity and lightness! It is sturdier than corrugated cardboard and lighter than a sheet of extruded plastic.

This strainer is used to separate any excess liquids from the food waste collected. This liquid, called bokashi juice, is full of beneficial microorganisms. The bokashi juice can be drained from the bottom of the bucket using a detachable spigot. The spigot is easy to attach or remove to fix leaks and clogging.

Check out this quick and easy video on how to assemble our composting bucket:


Other than the sticker (which will soon be replaced), the parts of the bucket have no end-of-life. If damaged or broken, don't throw them away! Send them to organizations that upcycle wastes!

Order your composting buckets today! The buckets are available in 20L and 16L sizes.
  • The 20L standard bucket can hold an average of 10kg of waste. If properly layered and compressed, it can hold up to 15kg of waste.
  • The 16L mini bucket is perfect for small spaces and can hold up to 8kg of waste.
  • Scan the QR code on the bucket label to go to different GreenSpace resources!
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