• Mission

    To keep food waste away from our landfills in the Philippines and turn landfillers to land healers through composting and soil regeneration.

  • Vision

    For our simple food waste collection method to find its way to every home, office, & kitchen and become a natural part of daily life.

  • Purpose

    To create new destinations for food and other biodegradable wastes with every bucket so they don’t end up in a landfill or any of our waterways.

Our Story

Our mission is to help people make the change #FromLandFillersToLandHealers.

EarthVenture (2013)

In 2013, EarthVenture Inc. was founded to engage in the business of cleaning the environment through responsible waste diversion and in situ bioremediation using EM technology. EarthVenture set off a microbial-based alternative solution to treat the waterways of Metro Manila.

River Rehabilitation

Through various workshops and with the collaborative help of the former Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission in 2015, communities became engaged in the learning, making, and using of EM Mudballs to help improve the water quality of our esteros and help in the rehabilitation of our rivers.

Food & Solid Waste

Through river clean-up activities, it became more and more evident that a root cause of the damage of waterways is the improper disposal of waste. Using the same good microorganisms in EM Mudballs, Green Space aimed to divert food waste from being pollutants to being valuable resources that can produce healthier soil.

A Family Business

The Soilmate Collective Inc. is the long-time passion project of Rina–environmental leader and wife & mom to 3 kids. It started in the humble garage of their family home and has been running with the help of her husband and kids. From their love for the environment came the advocacy and continuously innovating business behind Green Space.

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