Make the Change

Make the Change

January has been dedicated to raising awareness to and advocating the Zero Waste Movement. The month is coming to an end, but we at GreenSpace hope you've become more knowledgeable of the Zero Waste lifestyle and would give it a try this 2021! The journey has just begun!

To act as your guide in beginning to minimize waste, here's a short compiled list of tips:


Knowing what kinds of wastes are produced in your household can help you distinguish what to buy less of, where to bring these wastes (instead of letting them fall into landfills), and what alternatives to turn to.


Stop buying heavily packaged items! Bring your own containers when grocery shopping, use your own personal water bottle so there won't be a need to buy plastic bottles of water, and try to opt for options that use less plastic packaging (if the option is available).


Purchase only what you need—plan ahead, make a list, and take note of what items usually don't end up getting used (thus generating waste). If you buy apples but they usually end up rotting in your kitchen, perhaps it's time to buy less apples.


When we segregate our trash, we are slowly but surely minimizing the harmful effects of mixed toxins that end up in landfills. Better yet, when we segregate, we're able to divert our waste away from the landfills and to more rightful places.

Segregation also helps when it comes to planning what to include and what not to include in your next grocery run. If your bin for plastic bottles is easily filled up, you might need to lessen the purchasing of these products and turn to alternatives.


Not everything has to be thrown right away! You can find more uses for your waste, such as using cardboard boxes for storing supplies, coffee mugs and mason jars as pen holders, and the like. This method is usually referred to as 'upcycling'.


As we've mentioned in a previous post, more and more eco-friendly businesses are becoming more accessible. When we choose to shop at eco-friendly stores, we help these businesses grow and make sustainable options more common!


Put food waste in its proper place! When we compost food waste, not only do we divert it away from the landfills, we also return nutrients to the soil. There are plenty of benefits in composting. Start composting using bokashi technology today by purchasing bokashi bran from our store!


Shifting to and maintaining a zero-waste lifestyle can sometimes become frustrating, so it's good to find a community to be a part of. As communities begin to grow, more and more like-minded people can encourage one another to strive for a sustainable lifestyle.


Transitioning into a zero-waste lifestyle doesn't happen in snap. Start small by developing small habits one at a time, like remembering to carry and bring your reusable utensils. The more you practice these, the more they'll become natural to you!

It takes time. But don't be discouraged! Let's all work hand-in-hand to make a greener and more sustainable planet. We have a long way to go, but it's a great path to choose nonetheless.

Happy National Zero Waste Month!

Photo by Benjamin Brunner 

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